Wednesday, September 22, 2010

*Restock* Sling Sleeve Pants {Code: B102}

*Hot Request Item*
RM 69
Material: Elastic Nylon Cotton
Color: Black
Size: M ( can fit S to M)
Length: 17.3 inches/ 44 cm
Waist: 29 inches/74 cm
Hips: 30 inches/ 76 cm
Additional: Loosen design* Can match with T-shirts * Zipper on the front * Spaghetti straps * Straps are adjustable * Excellent quality * Limited pieces * HOT SELLING STUFF.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh Cute Vest {Code: T110}

Price: RM 45
Material: Cotton + Polyester
Color: Blue/ White
Size: Free Size (can fit XS to M)
Length: 19.7 inches/ 50 cm (Adjustable)
Additional: Unique and cute vest * Full button at the front * Easily for mix and match with any tops * Straps are adjustable * Korea design item * Material slight stretchable * Excellent quality.

Animal Print Tank {Code: T107}

*Final Piece*
Price: RM 49
Material: Polyester + Elastane
Color: Leopard Print
Size: Free Size
Length: 29.1 inches/ 74 cm
Bust: 31 inches/ 79 cm
Additional: Matt wet look * Can be wear as dress * Easy match with legging, romper or jeans * Slender effect *Very good quality material * Limited pieces.

Lace Layered Top {Code:T104}

*One-Piece Only*
Price: RM 49
Material: Lace + Polyester
Color: Cream White / Black / Pink
Size: Free Size (can fit XS to M)
Length: 23.6 inches/ 60 cm
Bust: 32.3 inches/ 82 cm
Additional: Inspired by F21 * Full Lace Layered on the front * Sweet and elegance wear * Easily for mix and match * Material slight stretchable * One piece-only.

Khaki Shorts + Belt {Code: B110}

Price: RM 53
Material: Cotton + Polyester
Color: Khaki
Size: S/ M/ L
Length: (S) 12.8 inches/ 32.5 cm, (M) 13.6 inches/ 34.5 cm, (L) 14 inches/ 35.5 cm
Waist: (S) 26.4 inches/ 67 cm, (M) 27.2 inches/ 69 cm, (L) 30 inches/ 76 cm
Additional: Twin packets at the side and back * Casual * Easily for mix and match * Belt included * Limited Pieces.

Oldie Floral Playsuit {Code: B105}

*One-Piece Only*
Price: RM 55
Material: Cotton + Polyester
Color: Black
Size: Free Size (can fit XS to M)
Length: 26.4 inches/ 67 cm
Bust: 30.3 inches/ 77 cm
Additional: Vintage and sweet look * Romance flowers printing * Double layers at the bottom, pant inside and skirt outside * Adjustable straps for bust * Very good quality fabric * One-Piece only.

Artificial Leather Belt {Code: A110}

*One-Piece Only*
Price: RM 35
Colour: Beige
Additional: Korea design item * Excellent quality.